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Core Competencies

A. Tailored Consultation

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At BRT we understand the clinical workflow and backbone of the healthcare system, using Health Level Seven (HL-7), we can provide valuable insights to healthcare providers that want to set-up a new healthcare facility or are looking for a competent IT provider to manage their existing centres.

B. System Infrastructure & Integration

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Healthcare organisations need a secure, reliable and scalable IT infrastructure to support their business objectives, growth and clinical leadership. BRT’s healthcare customers can rely on our experience to ensure that they are meeting their IT requirements with the following:


Hardware infrastructure

The information system for a healthcare facility is best built around a Multi-tiered Client-Server Local Area Network (LAN) architecture. By this, it is meant that users enter and retrieve data using client computer by obtaining various application software from the Application server and the critical data is stored on the Storage server.


Network Infrastructure

Clinicians and patients rely on connected devices to give and receive care. This dependency on information makes the network one of the most important pieces of healthcare IT infrastructure.


Security Infrastructure

Ransomware, Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Attacks, External Threats (Human), and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) are a few of the key healthcare data security and healthcare IT infrastructure hazards.


Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Infrastructure

Healthcare data backup and data recovery are critical components of every healthcare IT infrastructure. Without a management system in place, a disruption can destroy the reputation of a healthcare facility and cause great financial damage.


System Integration

BRT have set-up and integrated IT systems and network infrastructure with Imaging Modality, Clinic Management System (CMS), RisPacs and Telerad using Health Level Seven (HL-7) for large radiology centers, day care surgery centers and specialist medical centers.

C. Managed Healthcare IT Services

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Managed I.T Ops Service
By outsourcing the management of your IT to us, your business can focus on your core offering without worrying about IT outages and productivity.
Managed Backup & Recovery Service
By outsourcing the management of your data protection to us, your business can focus on your core offering without worrying about data lost and liability.
By outsourcing the management of your cyber security to us, your business can focus on your core offering without worrying about cyber threats and data breaches.

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