About Us

Healthcare technology is becoming so cohesive with full range of different processes, from data management, diagnosis, communication and treatment delivery. BRT enable the healthcare sector of South East Asia to develop and navigate their I.T. Infrastructure and digital needs, in which our clients can provide efficient, safe and reliable point of care services and comply to regulatory.

With sufficient expertise in the medical field, BRT is playing an important role in facilitating the latest and most groundbreaking healthcare:

Core Competencies

Core Competencies

Our Commitments


Simplifying and securing IT infrastructure, digital needs and services for healthcare organizations to support client’s business objectives, growth and clinical leadership.


To be the Number 1 Managed Service Provider specializing in Healthcare IT infrastructure, digital needs and services in Asia.

Key Timeline

Alex Siow founded BRT.

Assisting GP, specialists and dentistry with the setup of IT infrastructure, digital needs and technical support.

Collaborating with Modality, RISPACS, Tele-radiologists, and Clinic & EMR software vendors by assisting with the IT Infrastucture backbone and integration services.

Assisting integrated radiology centre and specialist groups with the IT infrastructure backbone, integration services and management.

Covid-19 Outbreak and business slowed down. Internally, BRT refined its business model. Forming a board to enhance the value chain.

Externally, BRT formed strategic partnerships with industry leading healthcare software providers to deliver total solution to our customers in the healthcare.


People are everything at BRT. Process, technical skills and business strategies can acquired and delivered with the right capital investment and training. But people with the right attitude, sincerity and drive is a Gem.

Management Philosophy

Engaging people, building teams, and creating values.

Contribute to the success of the teams.

Encourage good communication in the teams.

Ensure quality standards in the teams.

Creating strong value activities and High-Impact teams.

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